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Newsletter February 2024: Clarity in 2024: Family Eye Health for a Bright Future

Updated: Jan 31

New Year, New Vision Goals!

At Panoptic Vision, we are excited about your journey to better eye health so you can live your fullest life. Your eyes will thank you for starting the year right by setting vision-related goals to improve your eye health.

In fact, let's start right now! Here are three simple things you can do to improve your eye health.

  1. Place your water bottle within easy reach of where you work and stay well hydrated. Your eyes need water to keep them lubricated in the form of tears. 🚰

  2. Get enough sleep. Our eyes get irritated, strained and tired when we are not well-rested. 😴

  3. Set a notification on your phone at regular intervals to remind you to stand up, move around and look out of the window to relax your eyes from the strain of the computer screen.🪟

Staying hydrated is eye care | Panoptic Vision
Your eyes like a body that is well hydrated!

Easy, isn´t it? Start simple so you can make your new vision goals sustainable.

Watch this space as we will be bringing you more ideas to boost your eye care which is increasingly important in our technological age, and we will also be sharing tips on eye-friendly nutrition for your diet.

Family Eye Health

Health changes can be wonderfully contagious. When you start caring for your eye health, everyone in your family will want to jump on board too!

So how do you care for your loved ones' vision?

Eye Assessments

Regular eye check-ups are key for all family members, regardless of their age. When you make an appointment for yourself, do it for everyone too. This is crucial for maintaining healthy vision and detecting any potential issues.

Children may not always express vision problems, but routine eye exams are still essential for their learning and development. The elderly are more prone to conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, making regular check-ups even more important.

Go outside!

If you've been at your computer for hours, your child is similarly lost in their video games and granddad may well have been scrolling through his Instagram for hours, perhaps it's time to get everyone to put on their shoes and go outside!

Taking a walk is part of eye health for all the family | Panoptic Vision
Taking a walk is part of eye health for all the family

Even a short walk together can give your eyes the break they need, and it's a wonderful way to bond with family, get some fresh air and Vitamin D! Your dog will probably love it the most, so listen to them if they are asking you for a timeout!

Get them sunnies on!

Make sure you get a good pair of sunglasses with proper UV protection. This goes for everyone, even the children! Speak to our friendly staff if you need help choosing the right pair of sunglasses. And hey, you get to look cool while caring for your eyes! What's not to love! When you are out together on a family excursion, make sure everyone has their sunnies on!

Making changes in the way we care for our eyes is our responsibility and it's also a way to show love and care for our family. Family eye health is more fun when done together! Stay tuned as we will be sharing more tips on things you can do with your family.

Have you used your Gift Voucher?

If you have received a $75 Gift Voucher from Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie, remember they expire at the end of February 2024! Come visit our centre and treat yourself to looking good and feeling great!

Check out our gift vouchers which you can conveniently purchase online or in practice to gift to friends and family.

Panoptic Vision Gift Voucher | Panoptic Vision

💡Panoptic Vision Staff Spotlight

Get to know our friendly Panoptic Vision Team! When you see how fun and friendly we really are, eye assessments will no longer be something you dread, but something to look forward to!

Natasha Barnard-French | Panoptic Vision
Meet Natasha Barnard-French, our resident Behavioural Optometrist at Lake Cathie.

Natasha is our expert in vision development, learning disorders and behavioural optometry. She did a research Masters in neuroscience after finishing her Optometry Degree with Honours from UNSW. She also has a Fellowship from ACBO and was a founding member of Equal Health.

Natasha has a gift for helping children feel at ease and she has dedicated much of her career to providing vision solutions to children with learning difficulties.

When you meet Natasha, you can ask her about her other great passion - music! She is an accomplished pianist and flautist, and is highly involved in the regional music community. You may have seen her perform with the Sinfonia MNC, Players Theatre Productions or Glasshouse lunchtime concerts.

Our community involvement

When we're not busy taking care of eyes, we love being out in the community and participating in events! Recently, we supported the Bonny Hills Lake Cathie Junior Cricket Club. It's simply our way of saying we believe in our community and want everyone to feel supported and cared for.

Panoptic Vision supports Bonny Hills Lake Cathie Junior Cricket Club | Panoptic Vision

Were you at our recent Maui Jim event? It was such a blast and we had a great time! A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and purchased the latest designs!

Celebrating our patient's success!

This is why we do what we do, knowing that we can make a difference and help patients bring about a change to their vision challenges.

We had a 16-year-old patient come to us with vision issues. She struggled to pinpoint what her vision problem really was and she had tried everything and nothing had worked. She would bump into things or people, and she could not see if someone or something was behind or beside her. Everyday things we take for granted such as watching TV or reading a book were torture for her.

Her life turned around when she started Vision Therapy with us. She even enjoyed the activities we set her in Vision Therapy! It was fun and she was really motivated. Her consistency and efforts paid off and the relief and joy she felt when she improved was a real boost. Be inspired by her story here.

If you are struggling with vision issues, speak to us. You are not alone and our friendly experienced team are here to help provide support.

Wondering if your child has vision issues? Book an appointment and let's take a look. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of prevention and early detection.

Here's to your eye health in 2024! There is so much we have to share with you about the amazing ways we can care for our eyes. Share with us your vision goals for this year - we are with you every step of the way. 🥰


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