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Talking about Eye Tests with children

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

If your child needs an eye test, they may feel hesitant, not knowing what an eye test entails. Here's what you can say to them to set them at ease.

Would you like to know what happens in an eye test? Okay, I'm glad you are curious! It's important to have our eyes checked regularly so we can keep them healthy and make sure we can see well. We want to be able to do the activities we love, and see our friends!

Eye Tests for children can be fun too! | Panoptic Vision
Eye Tests for children can be fun too!

Learning about your history

Panoptic Vision's optometrists are experts in eye health for children. They will ask you about how your eyes look and feel. If you find it difficult to see or if your eyes sometimes feel uncomfortable, you can also tell them about it. They will also ask about your general health and if anyone in your family has any eye diseases.

Read out these letters

Next, we're going to do a special test for your eyes. It's called a sight test. You'll get to look at a chart with letters or pictures on it. It might be on a wall or a screen. The people doing the test will ask you which letters or pictures you can see. They'll also give you a chart that you can hold and ask you the same question. If you already wear glasses, they might ask you to do the test with your glasses on and then again without your glasses.

Checking your glasses

There are some really cool devices and machines that can help check if your glasses are still okay to be used. Your glasses prescription will be assessed using these special devices. If you need new glasses, these will be compared to the ones you already have.

Just a bit more testing

You may also be asked to do a few other activities that help the practitioner understand how your eyes work for example how well your two eyes work together and how you see colours. Some of these activities are actually fun!

How healthy are your eyes?

Our eyes are absolutely fascinating. You will see the practitioner check the health of the front of your eye using a microscope-based instrument. They may also put some eyedrops in your eye, which will increase the size of the pupils (that's the black part of your eye) so that the practitioner can look at the back of your eye. Isn't that amazing?

Measuring your new glasses

If you need glasses for the first time or need a new pair of glasses, they will help to measure you to make sure the glasses can sit correctly and comfortably on your face. This will help you to see well so you can the fun things you enjoy.

A final little chat

At the end of the eye test, the practitioner will explain to you and your family about the health of your eyes and your vision. You may get some simple exercises to do at home to make your eyes healthy and strong. They will also let you know when you need to have your eyes tested again. And this time you'll know exactly how it works!

And here's fun fact you can share with your friends now that you are learning so much about your amazing eyes:

It is impossible to sneeze without blinking!

Try it! I bet none of you can sneeze with your eyes open!

Note: Behavioural Optometry is available at both our Lake Cathie and Bellingen centres, but Vision Therapy is only available at Lake Cathie.

Learn more about eyecare for children at Panoptic Vision here.

Here's a Vision Checklist to know if your child needs an eye test.

Take care of our eyes so we can read lots of books to teddy!  | Panoptic Vision
Take care of our eyes so we can read lots of books to teddy!


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