For Parents-

98% percent of all newborns come into the world with normal, healthy eyes. However having normal healthy eyes, does not guarantee that your child is able to efficiently interpret the world the way it is.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that early intervention testing your child's vision can help to remedy a range of vision problems before they impact on your child's ability to learn. Here is a list of the more common signs of a visual processing issue:

  • holding a book very close to read

  • difficulty learning to read

  • difficulty concentrating

  • always becoming tired/sleepy when attempting to read

  • eyes cannot hold focus. Blurred or double vision when reading

  • leaving out or confusing words when reading

  • may complain about lines moving on the page

  • mixes words

  • often clumsy / dropping, breaking things

  • sensitive to light

  • red or watery eyes

  • one eye truns in or out while the other eye points straight ahead

  • frequent blinking

  • covering or closing one eye

  • frequently rubbing the eyes

  • difficulty recognising objects in the distance

  • squinting when speaking to people

  • headaches