Computers are now part of every day life and for some people, part of 8-10 hours of every day.

Any task set at 70-80 cm such as a desktop computer or 50-60cm such as a book or lap top, requires two sets of muscles to be in a state of tension. Your eye-aiming muscles must converge sufficiently to ensure each eyes image is fused into one, otherwise you would see two images.

With two muscles systems in a state of tension, sometimes for hours at a time, is it any wonder that we are seeing more and more symptoms of eyestrain including glare sensitivity, headache, and poor comprehension/concentration from regular computer users?

It is very helpful to relax the muscle systems by looking far off into the distance away from the screen regularly. This helps to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and also reduces the fatigue levels.

For some people, wearing low prescription support spectacles can be extremely effective in reducing their symptoms and allows them to work/study effectively and efficiently for as many hours as needed- a good analogy is that a marathon runner would expect the support of a good pair of shoes to make a difference to performance and recovery.