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MiYOSMART lens for the treatment of Myopia can be fitted into any frame

MiYOSMART is a type of spectacle lens based on a revolutionary Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) Technology. MiYOSMART award-winning lens are easy to fit, just like regular single vision lens. The lens corrects the visual defect on the entire surface and has a ring-shaped treatment area to slow down myopia progression. The alternation of the focus and defocus area provides clear vision and manages myopia at the same time.


It comes with an easy-to-wipe special anti-reflective, durable coating. It has an Eye Shield that gives children the added assurance of an impact resistant material and UV protection. 

miyosmart-clear-zone-and-treatment-zone | Panoptic Vision
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MiYOSMART Sun spectacle lenses incorporate D.I.M.S. Technology to effectively manage and correct myopia refractive error, all while safeguarding against intense sunlight and enhancing overall eye comfort.


Similar to MiYOSMART clear spectacle lenses, the sun version provides full protection against UV-A and UV-B, minimizing the potential for long-term eye damage.

miyosmart glasses by Panoptic Vision

An eye exam is the first step to ensure the eye health of your children. Book an appointment now for an eye exam. Our friendly optometrists are experienced with children and can even make eye exams fun and enjoyable. 

Jesse Nixon Panoptic Vision

Dr. Jesse Nixon

Optometrist, Orthokeratologist

B.VisSc M.ClinOptom; Therapeutically Endorsed

Jesse Nixon

Meet Jesse, our warm and approachable behavioural optometrist, whose dedication to children's vision is evident in his enjoyable and interactive eye exams, tailored for kids of every age.

Jesse is an esteemed member of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO) and has been actively contributing his expertise on myopia, vision therapy, and lazy eye to the Panoptic team.

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