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About Panoptic Vision

Panoptic Vision, the Friendly Family and Behavioural Optometrist at Lake Cathie and Bellingen

Panoptic Vision takes its name from the Greek word “panoptes”, meaning "seeing the whole".

Panoptic Vision has two optometry practices.

One located within the Lake Cathie Medical Centre, approximately 15 minutes drive from Port Macquarie central.

The other along Hyde St at Bellingen.

We conduct thorough examinations to investigate all aspects of your vision needs.

We are proud to be locally-owned, independent optometrists. Panoptic Vision offers our patients a very personalised, high quality, comprehensive vision examinations. We continually invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to provide the highest quality of eyecare to our community. 

In addition to services for all ages, we offer full-scope vision therapy programs for children’s vision and vision learning issues.

Our Commitment to You

At Panoptic Vision, we are committed to excellence in customer service and delivering quality patient care.  

We believe that it is critically important to take the time to understand how our patients use their vision system in order to identify the right optical solution. 

At Panoptic Vision, we don't just test sight for optical correction. We explore your whole vision system using the very latest technology to help us discover early signs of disease. As a family practice, we offer full scope behavioural optometry services including in-office vision therapy. 

We have a broad range of unique lens and prism designs that are tailored to each patient's specific needs.   

At Panoptic Vision we want you to feel fully at ease with your new glasses. We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our frames and lens solutions. Our extensive warranty covers unlimited adjustment, ultrasonic cleaning as well as minor repairs to your glasses.

If you are not fully satisfied with your newly-purchased glasses or may be experiencing adaption issues, simply bring them back to us and we will either resolve the issue or replace the lenses for you at no additional cost.

Our Eyewear Brands

Coco Song Eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie and Bellingen
Superflex eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision
Stellini eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Kxos eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Evatik eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Jo Baxter eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Byblos eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
La Matta eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Klink Denmark eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Fysh eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Superflex kids eyewear sold by Panoptic Vision.png
Earthiam eyewear

Our Community

Panoptic Vision are proud sponsors of the Hastings River District Cricket Association and the local Camden Haven Cricket Club. We have been involved with local cricket since our inception. We continue to support local community music, offering volunteering services with the Mid North Coast String Alliance, Sinfonia Mid North Coast and The Kendall National Violin Competition. 

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