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Contact Lens Fitting Aftercare at Panoptic Vision

Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare

Contact lenses are an alternative to spectacles but can also be worn part-time as a convenient way to be spectacle-free for different activities such as sport or water activities.

Most people thinking of contact lenses are worried about the lenses hurting their eye. This is completely natural as everything else that has ever gone into your eye, has hurt. This is not the case with contact lenses.

Inserting contact lenses is like getting dressed in the morning. As you put your clothes on, you feel them touch your skin but you would never say they hurt. A couple of seconds later, you can’t feel them at all and you get on with your day. It's exactly the same with contact lenses.​

Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare at Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie and Bellingen

Initially we will help insert your contact lenses so that you can experience just how comfortable they are. You'll be shown how to insert and remove the lenses yourself, and how to look after them.

After wearing them for a few weeks, we will review with you how they are going. We recommend regular, six monthly check-ups for all contact lens wear.

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