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Eyewear for children at Panoptic Vision

How to help your child choose glasses they will love, and which are fun, stylish and durable.

While 98% of children come into the world with normal, healthy eyes, they may still have difficulty interpreting the world the way it is. Early intervention starts with testing your child's vision so we can remedy a range of vision problems before they take a hold on the child's ability to learn.

See here for a list of common visual processing issues and a checklist to know if your child needs a vision eye test. You can also download a Vision Checklist here.

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate eyewear for your child, our experienced and friendly staff at Panoptic Vision are here to help and put your child at ease so we can help them find the best fit according to their needs. Getting a new pair of glasses can turn into a fun and exciting activity for the child as well.

Child getting new glasses | Panoptic Vision

Here are some basic points to bear in mind, and to help us see things from the perspective of the child.

Make it FUN. Choose a modern style.

Children can feel self-conscious about wearing glasses for the first time. Help them pick a frame that is fun and attractive.

Check for allergies.

Is your child sensitive to certain substances? Some may be allergic to metal frames that contain nickel. Our opticians can advise you about the metal composition and choose one that is best for your child based on their experience with different alloys.

Thickness of the lenses.

If your child needs strong lenses, they are likely to be thicker, which means we want to avoid large frames that would increase the thickness of the lenses.

Bridge fit.

If glasses do not fit well and stay on, your child will be constantly having to push back the glasses to stay on their faces and this can frustrate them into not wanting to wear glasses. Or they may end up letting the glasses slide and end up looking over the top of the lenses instead.

Our opticians allow for the necessary time required to find the proper bridge fit, especially for very young children whose noses are not fully developed yet. Modern manufacturers are aware of this and some have adjustable nose pads, or they make bridges to fit small noses so it can be made comfortable for children.

Sports safety

If your child plays sports, remember that regular eyeglass frames do not provide protection. It is best to get a proper sports goggle with polycarbonate lenses to provide the best protection against any possible eye injuries. Our opticians can advise you on fitting sports goggles.

Get a backup pair.

Children may not always be aware enough to take care of their glasses. If your child has a strong prescription and needs their glasses for their daily activities, it is a good idea to purchase a second or backup pair if an accident should happen and the first one gets damaged.

Check out Panoptic Vision's range of fun eyewear for children.

From left to right, clockwise: Augie, Kaleyedoscope, Nike, NY Yankees

Augie helps kids shine, in glasses they love! Their acetate frames are handcrafted, durable and comfortable for all day wear. They are also easily adjustable for the perfect fit. And it's designed in Australia!

Augie eyewear for kids | Panoptic Vision

Augie eyewear for kids | Panoptic Vision

Kaleyedoscope is a colourful petite range of eyewear designed to capture the attention of the teenage and adolescent market.

Nike needs no introduction. Children can see playful possibilities everywhere with Nike's extensive range of eyeframes for children.

Nike eyewear for kids | Panoptic Vision

NY Yankees is a favourite with teenagers and young adults. With its high quality materials and elegant colours, the details such as bright colours, prints on the inside of the temples etc. are what makes a bold and edgy statement.

Claim new eyewear by 31st Dec  | Panoptic Vision

Use them or Lose them!

Your private health care plan includes optical extras. Remember to claim them before 31 December 2023. If you claim your new eyewear by 31st December, you will receive a $75 Gift Voucher from Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie only to use by February 2024 so you can explore our collection at your convenience.

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