Vision for sport is often a critical component to the success of any player. It is well documented that the “6 th sense “ that elite sports people have is often due to their ability to accurately and quickly react to visual information. Peripheral vision for sports people is very important as they are often following a moving target moving very quickly over a large area. They also need to “ read the play” – understand not only where everything is but where it is moving to- almost before it happens.

Eye movement co ordination and balance must operate at higher than normal levels to allow for accurate reflex movements. Any small binocular vision problem can significantly impair an elite sports persons ability to respond to the visual cues of the game. Visualisation skills are also very important in many sports.

All these things can be explored and improved through vision therapy if a problem is detected.

Natasha has experience working with professional and Olympic sports people to improve small but very significant issues in their vision system that were affecting their game.