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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a specialised field within optometry that focuses on improving visual skills and abilities. It is often used to treat conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and problems with eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. Traditionally, vision therapy involved in-person sessions with a trained therapist, but technology is changing the landscape.

Panoptic Vision provides Vision Therapy for children and young persons in the Mid North Coast, New South Wales. Vision Therapy is used to treat a range of visual processing issues such as:

  • Lazy Eye

  • Eye alignment

  • Sustained near focusing

  • Vision efficiency

Simplifying Vision Therapy at Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie

Vision therapy is like going on a guided tour of the amazing world of vision. The vision therapist uses age appropriate, enjoyable tasks to demonstrate and improve specific areas of visual function. The activities are then practised at home so that they become automatic and then the patient is ready for new activities at the next visit.

Improving just one visual skill can be the difference that makes riding a bike, writing everything the right way around or getting 100% in a spelling test, possible. The way the brain understands the images it receives from the eyes is a learned skill and not present at birth.

Most visual perception skills improve to a near adult level by the age of 8.

It is important for the brain to learn to co-ordinate visual information with movement information. Many things can interrupt normal visual development in the early years which impact on the development of learning skills which are later needed for literacy, numeracy and all written learning tasks.

Vision skills must also be practised enough to be automatic so they don’t reduce attention and concentration levels.

Our Vision Therapy Programs are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each child.

We also use Vision Therapy apps which are designed to provide patients with tools and exercises they can use at home under the guidance of their eye care specialist. These apps offer a range of benefits that enhance the vision therapy process. Learn more about these apps here.

How Vision therapy can change your life

Vision Therapy Programs

1 x 45 minute session each week - over 8 weeks


2 x 45 minute sessions each week - over 4 weeks


8 x 45 minute sessions over 2 weeks

Vision therapy programs are delivered in blocks of 8 sessions. 3-4 blocks are usually required, a recommendation to suit each individual will be made by the optometrist.

Block 1 $750 (Includes access to Vision Builder)

Subsequent Blocks $750

How we work with youngsters

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