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Understanding Myopia in Children

A guide for parents.

Listen to this podcast interview with Professor Isabelle Jalbert, School of Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW about the factors leading to increasing cases of myopia in children.

ABC RN Too much screen time in children affects eye health (Pexels: Harrison Haines) | Panoptic Vision

Podcast chapters:

0:37 What is myopia?

1:21 How serious is myopia?

2:45 50% of world's population will have myopia by 2050

3:27 Influence of changes in our environment

3:53 Lack of outdoor activities

4:26 Benefits of being outdoors

5:06 Children being outdoors after school

5:46 How eyes change in our 50s

6:38 Distance of where we look is affecting our eyesight

6:52 Paper vs. Screen

7:38 Could babies' eyes become myopic?

8:15 WHO recommends not exposing babies to screens before age 2

9:15 Recommended guidelines for hours of screen time

9:28 What happens when children look at smartphones for an extended period

10:42 Why is dry eye a problem?

11:55 Is myopia reversible?

13:25 When should we start looking out for signs in our children

13:31 Importance of early eye tests

14:15 Signs to look out for in your children

14:37 Does diet help?

15:35 Give up smoking.

15:38 Importance of sleep

16:15 Limited screen use before bedtime

18:02 Blue Blocking lenses

Children can develop myopia gradually during their early years and this may worsen as they grow. While genetics plays a significant role in predisposing children to myopia, environmental factors such as excessive screen time and limited outdoor activities can also contribute to its progression.

Early detection and management of myopia is crucial in ensuring your child's visual health and well-being. Regular eye exams, conducted by qualified optometrists, can help identify signs of myopia and guide appropriate interventions to slow its progression.

Learn more about myopia here.

At Panoptic Vision, we understand the importance of proactive eye care for children. Our team of experienced optometrists is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye exams, personalised treatment options, and expert guidance to support your child's vision needs.

Panoptic Vision supports families to prioritise their children's eye health and empower them to see the world with clarity and confidence.


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