Welcome to Panoptic Vision, Optometrist at Lake Cathie

Welcome to Panoptic Vision

The Greek word “panoptes” means "seeing the whole”, and that is what we do at Panoptic Vision. We provide comprehensive, thorough, detailed examinations to cater to all aspects of your vision needs.


Optometry Treatment and Services for All Ages

The team at Panoptic Vision consist of qualified optometrists, trained optical dispensing staff and accredited vision therapists.

See the Difference.

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Eyecare for Children

Babies are born with very limited vision. The first few years of life are critical in establishing good binocular vision i.e. 2 eyes working together as a team. Many things can interrupt this and because both parents and children would be unaware of many of these problems, it is important to have regular checkups. Age 3 is a good time for an initial eye examination if there has been no previous sign of a problem (turned eye, clumsiness, squinting etc)

Panoptic Vision Eyecare for Adults

Eyecare for Adults

After the age of 20, most eyeballs have stopped growing and changing. Sight remains relatively stable from this time until the age of around 40 where most people experience problems with near tasks. 

Commonly those younger adults not needing visual correction will rarely get their eyes checked. The high use of computers while studying and in the workplace can cause binocular vision issues.

Panoptic Vision provides well fitted spectacle frames and contact lenses

Contacts & Frames

Spectacles and Contact lenses are both solutions for sight correction.

Many people find that a combination can provide the best of both worlds, with spectacles providing more lens design options than contact lenses but contact lenses providing the wonderful advantage for outdoor activities of non prescription sunglasses or frame free vision. Panoptic Vision provides good fitted frames for style and comfort.