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Panoptic Vision supports Safety and Health at Work featuring Eye Injury

We recognise annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April for a safety and health culture in our work environment.

Our work environment is one where we spend a good part of our time. It is imperative to ensure it is a safe and healthy one. Occupational accidents and diseases are a reality, and we can all play a part to stop and reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

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Common eye injuries

At Panoptic Vision, we have seen different experiences of clients who have unfortunately suffered work-related eye injuries.

These are actually very common and often minor. However, there are severe cases that account for around 500 hospitalisations in Australia every year. (Source: Australian Safety and Compensation Council 2008)

Some of these eye injuries include:

  • foreign bodies e.g. sawdust, grass, dirt, woodchips, metal bits which can sometimes get embedded into the eye and cannot be removed by rinsing alone

  • chemical eye injuries

  • welder's flash

Eye safety

It is important to wear appropriate eye protection for the various tasks at work, such as:

  • safety specs for grinding / cutting / chipping jobs

  • appropriate face masks for welding

Some may have heard of 'the safety squint' where you squint your eyes as a way to ´protect´ them when doing dangerous work. Trust us, it simply doesn't work. Don't risk your eye safety!

Some eye problems can be easily fixed if they are caught early. If you leave them for too long or if they receive inappropriate treatment, it can make fixing them much harder later. For example, if you get a metallic foreign body in your eye, you'll want to remove it BEFORE it rusts.

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Services at Panoptic Vision

When it comes to eye safety, PREVENTION is better than cure. Always!

We can fit prescription and non-prescription safety glasses with a wide range of frames and high-impact polycarbonate lenses and coatings.

Depending on the nature of your work, if there is no high-level risk involved, those who work outdoors may require only sunglasses with high impact lens prescriptions. We can help to fit these as well. It is important to explain clearly what you are required to do at work, so we can recommend the appropriate level and type of safety specs for you. Companies that require workers to conduct hazardous tasks will also have the relevant information about what workers need to stay protected.

In the event of an eye injury, there are services we can offer:

  • Short consultations, often on the same day where possible / needed

  • Thorough eye assessments using modern imaging technology where appropriate, and we also have the proper equipment for foreign body removal

  • Our therapeutically-endorsed optometrist can write prescriptions for most medical eye drops such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories

  • We can save you a long waiting time to get an appointment to see your GP

  • We can save you a long wait at the emergency department or an expensive visit to the ophthalmologist

*Disclaimer: Panoptic Vision will at times refer to other medical services. We can only deal with minor eye injuries. Major sight-threatening conditions should always be taken to the emergency room ASAP.

Work place safety and health is not just to be consciously thought of on this day. It is a conscious effort every single day to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe at work. It pays to be well-informed about what we can individually do right now about keeping our eyes healthy and safe. Speak to us if you have queries. Panoptic Vision is here to support you and your family members.

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