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Babies are born with very limited vision. The first few years of life are critical in establishing good binocular vision  ( 2 eyes working together as a team) . Many things can interrupt this and because both parents and children would be unaware of many of these problems, it is important to have regular checkups. Age 3 is a good time for an initial eye examination if there has been no previous sign of a problem ( turned eye, clumsiness, squinting etc)  Read More >


After the age of 20, most eyeballs have stopped growing and changing and sight remains relatively stable from this time until the age of around 40 where most people experience problems with near tasks. 

Commonly those  younger adults not needing visual correction will rarely get their eyes checked. The high use of computers while studying and in the workplace can cause binocular vision issues             Read More >


Spectacles and Contact lenses are both solutions for sight correction.

Many people find that a combination can provide the best of both worlds, with spectacles providing more lens design options than contact lenses but  contact lenses providing the wonderful advantage for outdoor activities of non prescription sunglasses or frame free vision. A good fitting frame is essential, not only for comfort                                    Read More >

Behavioural Optometrist

B.Optom ( Hons) MSc (optom) FACBO

Growing up in Wagga, Natasha remembers many long trips up the Hume Highway to the Camden Haven in the summer holidays to spend time at a real beach!


After completing an Optometry Degree with Honours  from UNSW in 1993, Natasha went on to complete a research Masters in the neuroscience of vision development and specific learning disorders including dyslexia. Her interest in children’s vision had her make a trip across the Nullabor to Perth where she worked in specialty behavioural  optometry and vision therapy practices for 10 years.


During this time Natasha continued her study and in 2000 was awarded a Fellowship from ACBO ( Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry), the highest award offered by the organisation. She was also  a founding member of a now well-established aid organisation called Equal Health, and travelled to India and Zimbabwe providing vision care to remote communities.


In 2009, Natasha moved from Perth to Laurieton with her daughters to visit her parents who had made the Camden Haven home. This began an unexpected but happy move to the area. Natasha set up vision therapy services in both Laurieton and Lighthouse Plaza.


In 2015, Natasha established her own Optometry practice at the Lake Cathie Health Complex. The practice offers the full range of optometry services for all ages.


Natasha is passionate about ensuring that appropriate vision solutions, including vision therapy, are available to children, to address any vision related learning difficulties they may have.


Outside work, Natasha is very involved with the regional music community. She is an accomplished pianist and flautist. She enjoys playing flute with Sinfonia MNC, as well as engagements with the Players Theatre Productions and Glasshouse lunchtime concerts. Her daughter Abi is a violinist and she keeps Natasha busy with piano accompanying and taxi services...


Within her research area of vision development, Natasha is now looking at researching the specific visual/auditory processes  behind learning to read English and learning to read




Behavioural Optometrist


Craig has 35 years experience prescribing advanced lens designs and developing innovative vision therapy programmes to enhance the vision performance of infants, children and adults.


He has completed Fellowship training and accreditation in Behavioural Optometry with both the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO) and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) in the USA.

During the 1990’s at Vision West, his optometry practice in Perth, Western Australia, he was one of the first optometrists in Australia to implement modern Orthokeratology procedures for myopia correction. Myopia is predicted to be the most prevalent vision problem worldwide in the current generation.

From 2001 Craig was the Director of Professional Education for the Brien Holden Vision Institute based at the University of NSW. There he developed and implemented education programmes teaching advanced optometric prescribing techniques for people aged over 40, to eye care practitioners and educators at undergraduate teaching institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, China and India.

Most recently a research project he supervised was published in the internationally distributed Clinical and Experimental Optometry journal, demonstrating how novice optometry students, who use computer simulations, increase their competency to accurately conduct eye examinations.

He is excited to join Panoptic Vision to incorporate the newly emerging scientific principles of brain neuro-plasticity for improving vision-related brain functions. He will be working with our team to make these skills accessible for anyone interested to improve the way they see.


Qualified Optical Dispenser

On securing employment in the optical industry, Gemma went on to complete her Optical Dispensing qualification through OTEN.

Gemma is passionate about finding you the right Lens and Frame combination for your lifestyle.



Vision Therapist

Julie is a mum of four and has lived in the Camden Haven since 2003. She began working as a vision therapist with Natasha in 2012.


Julie is an experienced Vision Therapist who has completed the OEP (Optometric Extension Program)  for Vision Therapy with the Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists.

Julie is passionate about all aspects of children's learning and development. She specialises in helping children reach their potential by improving their visual processing skills through a range of vision-related fun activities.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys cycling about the Camden Haven with friends and renovating her house.


Vision Therapy Assistant

Dip. Early Childhood


Suz moved to the area in 2010 from living overseas.  Suz had been working as an Early Childhood Educator for 8 years completing her Diploma of Early Childhood Services before joining us at Panoptic Vision.  Suz is currently studying Vision Therapy and working closely with Julie our Vision Therapist to continue her passion of working with children.  Suz is also working front of house on our reception and assisting Ngahree our dispenser., her husband and son decided on a sea change and moved to Port Macquarie in 2003....