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MARC VINCENT eyewear at Panoptic Vision

Updated: May 26

Be defined with a distinctive identity

Drawing from techniques of days gone by and applying it to the ways of the new world, there’s an air of quality to a Marc Vincent frame that can only be derived from a lifetime spent in the optical industry.

MARC VINCENT Eyewear at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision

The product, however, isn’t simply a reflection of that signature Marc Vincent craftsmanship. Rather, it’s a reflection of those who wear it. It’s the finer details, like the finish on the frame, or the curve of the bridge, that help define an identity.

MARC VINCENT Eyewear at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision

MARC VINCENT Eyewear Idaho Eco Sea at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision
Idaho ECO Sea from MarcVincent

Constructed with premium metals, acetates and combinations to suit Australia’s practical and aesthetic needs, Marc Vincent frames are as distinct as they are refined.

MARC VINCENT Eyewear Halena at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision

Panoptic Vision is an expert at recommending and fitting comfortable, practical eyewear to match your fashion, workstyle and lifestyle.

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