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COCO SONG eyewear at Panoptic Vision

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Inspired by the mystery of the Orient, each frame is an artistic masterpiece that takes 6 months to perfect

Drawing inspiration from the mystery of the Orient, using the finest materials in the world, Italian brand Coco Song creates women's luxury eyewear delivering an unparalleled artistic masterpiece in each and every frame. Exquisite elements such as silk, dried flowers, feathers, semi-precious stones, metal accents and enamelling are matched with one-of-a-kind acetates.

Each frame is made by the careful hand and expertise of an artisan master taking a minimum of six months to perfect.

A magical blend of Italian design and oriental culture delivers.... an artistic masterpiece.

COCO SONG eyewear Silk Emotions at Panoptic Vision| Panoptic Vision

Constantly evolving, Coco Song has created a new elite collection specially for the woman who wants to evoke her distinct style, spirit and statement.

Panoptic Vision is an expert at recommending and fitting comfortable, practical eyewear to match your fashion, workstyle and lifestyle.

Claim new eyewear by 31st Dec  | Panoptic Vision

Use them or Lose them!

Your private health care plan includes optical extras. Remember to claim them before 31 December 2023. If you claim your new eyewear by 31st December, you will receive a $75 Gift Voucher from Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie only to use by February 2024 so you can explore our collection at your convenience.

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