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COTI glasses chains now available at Panoptic Vision Lake Cathie

Updated: May 26

Never lose your glasses again, and stand out in style at the same time!

Sunglasses, reading glasses, any eyewear - where are they when you need them? We understand the frustration of not knowing what to do with them when we need to take them off for a while but want to keep them close.

There's a spectacularly stylish solution for that - COTI glasses chains.

Explore a wide range of fashionable designs that draw inspiration from the enchanting allure of autumn. With a variety of warm, earthy tones and intricate blends featuring autumn motifs, COTI's glasses chains serve as the ideal accessory to keep your glasses within reach. These versatile chains can be worn as glasses chains, or effortlessly transform into a necklace by unclipping the silicone ends.

They make for a thoughtful and fun Christmas gift. It's all about making reading glasses stylish. Whether it's fun or sophisticated, you get to make a bold fashion statement while ensuring your reading glasses are always with you.

Fun Fact: COTI stands for 'Chuckle On The Inside', and it is founders Julie and Nancy's view on life. Their creative and colourful lifestyle brand is attracting beyond an older generation of people who appreciate the chains for their reading glasses to an increasingly younger audience wanting the fun and functionality of sunglasses holders.

Check out the range of COTI glasses chains.

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