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CARRERA eyewear at Panoptic Vision

Updated: May 26

Think Sports roots and Italian style, with quality driven by innovation.

Carrera eyewear exudes character, expressing the unmistakable personality of people who don’t necessarily demand the spotlight.

Carrera eyewear at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision

Born out of a love for racing, the adrenaline rush, great passion for racing and desire to push the boundaries that characterized the Panamericana Carrera are the inspirations behind the distinctive traits of Carrera still today.

From racing to skiing to flying, Carrera eyewear's collaborations are unprecedented, leading to its signature blending of style and performance.

Carrera eyewear at Panoptic Vision | Panoptic Vision

Synonymous with pioneering design and outstanding quality, Carrera eyewear is a bold statement for those who live by their own rules, who continue to push their own boundaries and are proud to stand out from the crowd.

Get ready to stand out. Express your personality.

Check out Carrera's collaboration with Pat Cummins Australian famous cricketer.

Panoptic Vision is an expert at recommending and fitting comfortable, practical eyewear to match your fashion, workstyle and lifestyle.

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