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Caring for Tradies Eye Health

Updated: Apr 7

August is Tradies National Health Month. Panoptic Vision can provide optimum lenses for freedom to work effectively.

Tradies National Health Month is an awareness initiative focusing on the importance of all aspects of tradies health. Those in the trade occupations often suffer health and injury risks. Almost 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a tradie.

There are some steps tradies can take to ensure their eye health is well cared for at work. It can be as simple as wearing the appropriate eyewear such as goggles and sunglasses for protection. Getting regular eye health assessments is also important to incorporate into your yearly routine. Make sure you take regular eye breaks throughout the day and use eyedrops to lubricate your eyes. Avoid straining your eyes and rubbing them. Even getting a good night's sleep is also essential for eye health.

Lenses for tradies

Panoptic Vision can recommend fully tailor-made lenses for mechanics, electricians, plumbers and pilots. In these jobs, workers need personalised freeform progressive lenses in order to work effectively. A major part of their work involves overhead work, requiring optimal near vision through the upper section of the lens, along with good intermediate distance vision through the lower section of the lens.

Caring for tradies eye health |  Panoptic Vision

Types of tradies and needs

Writers and graphic artists require a different design focusing on the near zone. Teachers need to switch their gaze between their near zone and a particular intermediate distance in a classroom. Policemen will need good long-range vision and a clear mid-distance zone for daily work.

Pilots face a different challenge. They not only look down at the instruments on the dashboard like someone driving a car, but they may also need to look overhead at other controls (depending on the type of plane). The ideal type of lens for them would have a second near zone or intermediate zone in the upper section of the lens.

Personalised lenses

Depending on your occupation, Panoptic Vision can recommend the best fit and personalise a single lens that takes care of the zones you require for your work, be it near vision, distance vision or clear vision in the intermediate zone.

Speak to us about your needs, and we can give you the best recommendations to help you perform at work effectively, comfortably and with confidence.



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