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Avulux Migraine Glasses can help with migraine

Glasses not only help with vision issues, but are also helpful for other health conditions such as migraines.

Those who suffer from migraines will know that any relief, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to their lifestyles. While migraine has many symptoms, one of them is actually extreme light sensitivity, otherwise known as photophobia.

Photo: Nik Shuliahin, Unsplash | Panoptic Vision
Photo: Nik Shuliahin, Unsplash

People with photophobia perceive light as simply 'way too bright', and it can even feel painful. Some of us are able to adjust quickly going from a dark room to a brightly-lit space without problems. For people with migraine, this can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Things we take for granted such as the type and levels of light in our home or office can cause migraines to get worse.

Migraine glasses can help

These are special glasses that can filter light to help people living with migraine. Studies have shown that blue, amber and red wavelengths of light can worsen migraines. Green light, however, can be soothing.

Migraine glasses filter out the blue, amber and red lights and allow in more soothing green light. If you think about how up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light, it makes sense to seek a solution that is based on the eyes.

Avulux Lenses at Panoptic Vision

Panoptic Vision now offers Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses, which is the world's first clinically proven lenses for migraine and light sensitivity management. Avulux's patented precision lens technology filters up to 97% of blue, amber and red light while letting in over 70% of soothing green light. Avulux lenses have given 9 out of 10 people significant results in reducing light-triggered pain and light sensitivity in people with migraine.

Panoptic Vision is committed to providing top quality care for your eyes as well as products that can improve your vision. We want to make a difference by going beyond and bringing in the latest technologies that can improve even more than your eye health. Speak to our experts about Avulux Migraine lenses to find your best fit, and relief is just an appointment away.



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