At Panoptic Vision, we are committed to excellence in customer service and delivering quality patient care.  

We believe that it is critically important to take the time to understand how our patients use their vision system in order to identify the right optical solution. 

At Panoptic Vision, we don't just test sight for optical correction, but explore your whole vision system. We utilise the very latest technology to help us discover early signs of disease and as a family practice we offer full scope behavioural optometry services including in-office vision therapy. 

We make available to all of our patients a broad range of unique lens and prism designs that are tailored to each patients specific needs.   

At Panoptic Vision we want you to love your new glasses. We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our frame and lens solutions. Our extensive warranty covers unlimited adjustment, ultrasonic cleaning, including minor repairs to your glasses.

If after purchasing your new glasses, you find that you are unhappy with them or experiencing adaption issues, simply bring them back to us and we will either resolve the issue or replace the lenses for you at no additional cost.