Checklist: if a child routinely exhibits any of these signs it's time for a check-up:

  • Holding a book very close ( 15 - 20 cm away ).

  • Holding their head at an extreme angle to the book, while reading.

  • Covering one eye while reading.

  • Squinting when doing near work.

  • Sitting badly when working close.

  • Moving head back and forth while reading instead of just using eyes.

  • Poor attention span, drowsiness after prolonged work, less than an arm length away.

  • Requiring longer reading time for completing homework than it should.

  • Seeing blurring or double image while reading or writing or when work is hard.

  • Losing place when moving gaze from desk work to white board or copying text.

  • Using marker / ruler / finger / to keep their place while reading.

  • Writing up or down hill, irregular letter or word spacing.

  • Reversing letters ( b for d ) or words ( saw for was ).

  • Re-reading or skiping words or lines unknowingly.

  • Failing to recognise the same word in the next sentence.

  • Misaligning digits in columns of numbers.

  • Headaches after reading.

  • Burning or itching eyes after doing near vision work.

  • Blinking excessively when doing near work, but not otherwise.

  • Rubing eyes during or after short periods of reading.

  • Declining Comprehension as reading continues

  • Failing to visualise ( cannot describe something they have just read about ).